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Automotive trade shows like SEMA, AAPEX, and NADA are places where automakers can showcase their latest technology and designs. These shows are highly visual, loud, dynamic, and competitive. For your auto show trade booth to make an impression, make sure that it has these essential elements.


The four interlocking rings of the Audi logo. The blue-and-white checkerboard pattern of the BMW logo. Car logos are iconic and recognizable at a glance. Chances are, when you go for a drive, your eye unconsciously registers the logos of passing vehicles: Honda, Toyota, Ford.

Your auto show trade booth should put your logo front and center. From banner displays to merchandise, even to your carpet design, your logo should be easily visible in prominent locations throughout your booth.

Just as drivers on the road can instantly recognize your logo, visitors to your booth should be able to identify your brand through your design elements. If your company is known for luxury, your booth design should be sleek and sophisticated. If it’s known for tough blue-collar craftsmanship, your booth should reflect that gritty aesthetic.

Light and Sound Design

Car shows are known for being loud. On the trade show floor, you’ll constantly hear the rev of engines, the noise of the crowd, and even music and sound effects. Consider incorporating sound design into your booth as well. Even a few subtle effects like the sound of cars starting or crowds cheering can give your booth atmosphere and style.

Similarly, use lighting design to highlight the products you’re showcasing. Putting your products on pedestals and lighting them is a great way to put them in the spotlight. If you’re showing off a new car design, lighting can make its color and body shape look even more dynamic and impressive. You can also use gobos to project your logo onto blank surfaces for additional branding.

What is Value Engineering


Cars are meant for hands-on use. Car enthusiasts tend to be tactile; the first thing they’ll want to do is get their hands on the wheel to see how the car feels and performs in action. Lean into the preferences of your audience by incorporating hands-on interactivity into your booth.

For example, in previous years at SEMA, tracks were set up in the parking lots so attendees could go drifting with a BMW driver. You can also place signs in your booth encouraging visitors to touch and engage with your vehicles or products.

Another way to spur engagement is by incorporating elements of competition. Host contests to see who can change a tire the fastest or disassemble and reassemble an engine. This encourages visitors to test your merchandise and see its quality and durability for themselves. If your budget allows, hand out prizes like tools or gloves that car fans can put to practical use.

Show Off Your Newest Technology

The car industry is highly competitive, and technology advances fast. If you don’t introduce new models or equipment upgrades regularly, you’ll be left in the dust. Use your auto show trade booth to launch your newest products that have been tested and are ready for primetime. Make sure your booth is designed around your mission statement for that trade show, i.e. to introduce a specific new product to a specific new market.

Show Ready has worked with leading auto parts manufacturers to produce memorable auto trade show exhibits. Our designs have appeared at SEMA multiple times, including booths for premium tire manufacturers Falken and HRE Wheels. For Falken, we built portions of walls simulating both natural and racetrack environments, to demonstrate how Falken tires can perform exceptionally well both off-road and in professional races. For HRE Wheels, we decorated the walls of the booth with varied and colorful wheel designs, to showcase the company’s wide range of products and highlight the beauty of great automotive design.

Contact Show Ready to talk about your next auto trade show booth and exhibit. We’re passionate about building trade show displays that celebrate the artistry and excitement of the automotive world.


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