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At a custom fabrication house like Show Ready, we’re always planning several seasons in advance. Though it may be winter now, we’re already looking forward to spring and summer and the return of outdoor festivals.

Building for an outdoor event is a different animal than building for an indoor event like a convention or conference. Outdoor installations have to be more durable, with materials that stand up to the elements and contingency planning in case of unexpected weather. Our previous projects, such as the airstream we fabricated for 805 Beer and a mobile festival tour, or the Goliath character from the game Evolve for San Diego Comic Con, demonstrate our mastery of outdoor fabrication. Contact us today with your spring and summer fabrication plans, and we’ll make them happen.

Materials for Outdoor Fabrication

When your booth, display, or scenic element is meant to be outdoors, the materials used in its construction must be carefully selected. We’ll consider the climate and projected weather of the venue. Is it a desert environment with the potential for hot sun and blowing sand? A rainy environment where we need to plan for potential water damage? All these factors must be taken into consideration to ensure that your outdoor build has solid structural integrity as well as aesthetics.

In an outdoor environment, fragile fabrics are most likely out; a torn fabric covering or tarp isn’t doing anything to promote your brand and message. On the other hand, sturdy metals that can also be made of recycled materials are in; if you want a material that stands up strong despite wind or rain, there’s nothing like a steel frame. We will also consider the length of the event. Will the build need to hold up for several days or does it only make a brief appearance outside? Will it appear at more than one outdoor event and need to be shipped and stored over the course of months or years?

For example, we built the Goliath from Evolve by 2K for San Diego Comic-Con. This giant statue was meant to be outdoors for the entire event. Fortunately, San Diego in the summer has a mild, sunny climate, so we could count on great weather for our build – no sudden rainstorms here! But the giant structure did need to get there efficiently. So how we built it was part of the design challenge. For this character, we built a strong internal steel frame that was strategically designed in three pieces, with special attention to how it all fit together so it could all be transported on just one truck to save time and money.

Goliath at SDCC

Road Show and Pop-Up Fabrication

Our fabrication services don’t just cover discrete events like outdoor festivals or conventions. We also perform builds for traveling displays and road shows.

One example is the 805 airstream. This mobile trailer hits the road almost every weekend to appear at events representing 805 Beer. It’s become an indelible part of their brand. The story behind the vehicle gets to the heart of what we do. To meet the needs and budget of 805 beer, rather than purchase a new airstream, our team hunted down and purchased an old, beaten up vehicle, and then custom refurbished every element of it. From top to bottom, inside and out, our team of fabrication wizards made the vehicle better than new and on brand for 805 Beer to serve up samples and merchandise, while also once again being legally roadworthy.

Of course, over time, every vehicle needs maintenance, so after a few years of being on the road, when it was time to get the famous airstream refurbished, 805 once again came to us. We sent the airstream back on the road good as new and with the durability to last for thousands of miles of travel to come.

805 Airstream

Planning Outdoor Builds in Advance

Like any custom build, outdoor builds must be planned months in advance. It takes time to secure the necessary materials, plan for the transportation of elements to the site, and comply with show regulations. If you’re considering an outdoor build for a festival, convention, road show, or any other event in the spring or summer, this is the time to call us so we can get your plans rolling.

Booking our services in advance enables us to labor over every detail necessary to make your project great. From receiving your designs to the fabrication process to hitting the necessary deadlines, it’s great to have a buffer of time to make sure all these steps go smoothly. Though we’re prepared to roll up our sleeves to hit a tight deadline, the time to start preparing for your spring and summer outdoor builds is now.

Contact Show Ready today for outdoor fabrication services. Our skilled and experienced fabrication team is prepared to bring your designs to life – in the great outdoors, for all to see.


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