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At Show Ready, we bring you the best value possible for your budget. One process we use on a daily, even hourly, basis to achieve this is value engineering. Let’s explore this concept and how we use it to deliver great fabrications for a reasonable cost.

Value Engineering for Trade Show Booths

Value engineering is the process of refining your designs so they can be delivered on time and budget. The goal is to get you the best possible product for the dollars you’ve spent.

Once we’ve received your design, we break down cost estimates under two broad categories:

  • Labor
  • Materials

For labor, we determine how many man-hours we need to get the project done, right down to the smallest task such as bolting together panels or printing graphics. For materials, we determine how we can best realize your design with the physical resources available, whether that’s through carpentry or metalwork.

Our guiding principle throughout the process is: how can we execute this project without compromising the integrity of the design? Some designs can be simplified to save costs. For example, a dimensional element can be done as a graphical element instead. Layers of graphics can simulate three-dimensionality, maintaining the integrity of the design while saving labor and budget.

Another time-saving method is to create an assembly line. For most projects, our craftsmen fulfill multiple roles (painting, welding, carpentry, etc.), and it’s actually more efficient to keep the working arrangement looser. But for some large jobs, creating personalized stations or workbenches is the best way to get the work done.

What is Value Engineering

Value Engineering is About the Team

The biggest selling point of value engineering is our team. We can crunch the numbers all day, but the intuition and expertise of skilled craftsmen, and the ability to adjust on the fly, is what really helps us create value for our clients. The team’s collective knowledge is our most valuable tool.

Value engineering is built into our process from the start. We never give you an inflated cost estimate that we scale down later. From the beginning, our cost estimate factors in the expertise of our team to arrive at an accurate number reflecting the true cost of the project. For integrity and professionalism in trade show booth fabrication and any other activation requirement, contact Show Ready, your trusted exhibit fabrication company in Southern California.


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