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In the innovative world of trade shows and conventions, the pressure is on to create eye-catching, unique exhibits that grow your brand and make a lasting impression. Success hinges on meticulous planning, attention to detail, and working with a reliable fabrication partner.

From our two decades of experience, we at Show Ready recommend finding your fabrication partner at least four months in advance, ideally six months. If you’re working with us, 4-6 months gives us enough time to fit your construction into our shop schedule, hit key deadlines, and leave space for adjustments and refinements. Of course, we have also been known to turn around projects in a shorter timeframe, but we’re here to ensure that your teams have the proper runway to do things right.

You Get More Time to Envision Your Project

Your design – our fabrication. As a fabrication company, Show Ready transforms the designs provided by our clients into reality. Partnering with us 4-6 months in advance not only gives us more time to build your designs, it also gives you more time to refine them.

Building a trade show booth is a complex process, and with ample lead time, we have the opportunity to go over your technical requirements, materials, and budgets in detail, as well as find the optimum ways to value engineer your project. With a clear understanding of your project’s scope, we can offer you a more accurate construction timeline, feasibility assessments, and technical notes on show regulations, transportation logistics, etc. If you have design changes, we’ll have time to make the necessary adjustments.

In short, more time makes every aspect of the construction process easier. Though budgets are important, time is the most valuable commodity.

You’re More Likely to Find Space in Our Shop Schedule

Our team works year-round to realize our clients’ vision. We’re proud to have a full shop schedule booked well in advance, but this means that when a client approaches us with a tight deadline, we may not be able to fit in a new project while honoring our existing commitments. Approaching us with your design 4-6 months in advance allows us to reserve the time in our shop schedule that your project deserves.

Another challenge in trade show exhibit construction is sourcing the right materials and components. Some materials may have long lead times or be subject to unpredictable delays. By finding your fabrication partner well in advance, you gain an advantage in handling these procurement challenges.

We Can Plan Ahead to Hit Venue Deadlines

Need us to build a booth for a major show like Comic Con, CES, or SEMA? Major events and conventions need to see your floor plan well in advance. All the venues we work with have show regulations that specify key deadlines we need to hit, some of which incur additional costs if they are not met.

With 4-6 months of lead time, we can plan around these deadlines and make sure these regulations are observed to the letter. With less than four months, we may not be able to get your project moving before these deadlines hit. Avoid the rush and call us early so you can spend those months in anticipation, not wringing your hands over tight deadlines.

It Ensures Quality Control and Low Stress

Giving us 4-6 months to build your design allows us to take our time to meticulously fabricate and rigorously test every component. This quality assurance process will detect and rectify any issues well in advance, reducing the chance of last-minute fixes that can compromise the overall quality of your trade show exhibit.

Rushed projects and tight timelines lead to stress for both your team and ours. If it’s physically and technically feasible, we will get the work done even on a tight deadline. But by approaching us well in advance, you help us take care of our team, which results in a better product for you: a state-of-the-art, custom trade show exhibit that we can all be proud of.

Finding a fabrication partner 4-6 months in advance is not merely an option; it’s a strategic imperative for success in trade show exhibit construction. It empowers us to create a top-notch product for you, with quality, innovation, and cost control. No matter which trade show or convention you’re preparing for, trust Show Ready as your next fabrication partner and watch your designs come to life.


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