Fulfilling Your Vision with Expert Construction

In addition to offering a full array of CAD services in-house, The Shop @ Show Ready also works with specialized engineers for structural, electrical, mechanical, windshear, load-bearing and other manufacturing or safety concerns.

In short, they are masters in providing a full array of CAD services to our clients. Our CAD services include the following:

  • 3-D Modeling & Visualization
  • Floor plans
  • Construction Drawings
  • Scale Blueprints & Orthographic Drawings
  • Set-Up Drawings


Fulfilling Your Vision with Expert Construction

Working primarily in aluminum, steel, and stainless steel, we have a fully-equipped metal shop for shaping, rolling, cutting, molding, welding, as well as the experience to resource any other specialty metal needs you can imagine. Our artisans and metalworkers are what turn our list of equipment into a list of capabilities.

  • Multi-level exhibit structures
  • Staircases
  • Sub-structures for themed environments
  • Gaming kiosks and displays
  • TV and movie sets
  • Decorative accents
  • Retail displays
  • Aluminum, steel, and stainless fabrication
  • Sheet metal
  • Pipe, tube and plate
  • Two-story structure fabrication
  • Aluminum & steel wall frame systems
  • Aluminum truss fabrication
  • Mixed materials expertise
  • High-quality polishing
  • Iron worker
  • Plasma cutting
  • 50 mm tubing roller
  • Shear and brake
  • Need scenic metal fabrication? Show Ready is all systems ready.