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Modern trade shows are packed full of themed environments. Walk a convention floor and you’ll be dazzled by scenic displays, costumed brand representatives, and custom retail fixtures. If you’ve been thinking about joining the fray with your own themed environment representing your unique brand, now is the time. Let’s explore some reasons that your brand could benefit from immersive themed environments.

Engage All the Senses

Experiences stick in people’s minds more if they engage all the senses. Think of a pleasant memory, perhaps a vacation you took. Picture the environment, the sounds you heard, the smells, the feel of objects. Even if this memory took place years ago, it’s likely more vivid in your mind than an ordinary day a month ago. That dream vacation provided novel stimulation to all your senses, while an ordinary day fades away since you’re used to the sights, sounds, smells, etc. that you experience daily.

Similarly, if people can see your brand message surrounding them, hear the sounds, touch the objects, it makes for a more powerful, long-lasting memory than merely encountering your marketing copy through text on a screen. By working on all the senses, immersive themed environments provide your potential customers, partners, or leads a strong incentive to remember your brand.

How Your Brand Could Benefit from Immersive Environments

Make Your Virtual Worlds Real

At Show Ready, some of our top clients are video game companies like 2K or Epic Games that by definition create virtual worlds. When those worlds are physically realized at trade shows with private label fabrication, people get to experience the magic of seeing characters, locations, and environments they’re already connected with in the real world.

Think of Disney theme parks, which provide some of the best immersive experiences anywhere. Part of the magic of visiting Disneyland is getting to walk through Cinderella’s castle, sit in the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon, and shake hands with Buzz Lightyear. If your brand is associated with a virtual environment that can be translated into a real one, this can create positive buzz and give trade show attendees one more reason to boast “I was there.”

Convey Your Message

At the core of any great marketing campaign is a message. When people think of your brand, what do you want them to associate with it? It could be a slogan, an image, or even a positive feeling. An immersive themed environment can use the tools of scenic design to convey and reinforce that message.

For example, if you sell products and want to convey that they are organic and natural, we can incorporate organic elements into your design: flowing lines, an earthy color palette, even some real plants. Visitors to your trade show booth take in these elements either consciously or subconsciously, building an association between your brand and message.

If you’d like to learn more about immersive themed environments built with private label fabrication, take a look at some of our work here, then get in touch. We’ve seen our clients benefit greatly from the positive buzz surrounding their trade show displays, and sales and brand awareness grow as a result. Let Show Ready bring your dreams to life.


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